About Me

Part marketer, part designer, part project manager; the UX role is complex, challenging and multi-faceted. Similar to my role of UX Designer, my role as a UI Designer is a multi-faceted and challenging role. However, unlike my role as UX Designer, it is strictly a digital profession.

My aim is to connect business goals to user needs through a process of testing and refinement to that which satisfies both sides of the relationship.

Maria Kuhn

Experience...over 17 years

Daugherty Business Solutions

UX/UI Consultant

UX/UI for online assistance application developed for a charitable organization to perform case management and track inventory. Usability study for an online credit application. Completed heuristic reviews and developed styles guide for internal applications.


UX Designer

Drove UX design-related aspects of large-scale Agile projects by providing strategic input into the site architecture and usability of brokerage platforms. Conducted accessibility testing for Cash Management product. UX for regulatory projects such as anti-money laundering.

Wells Fargo Advisors

Business Systems Consultant

SDL Tridion Migration Project. Engaged with business and development to create a positive user experience for the SDL Tridion WCM. Wrote use cases for the Hitachi Content Platform and ensured the system was configured to meet all SEC and FINRA regulations.


Multimedia Producer

Project management for digital teaching and learning materials on Evolve, Elsevier’s online portal for healthcare educators and students. Project management for stand-alone products sold separate from books, including S&T companion web sites and eBooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do you use?

My tools include: Axure RP (rapid prototyping) for wireframing and interactive prototypes, Dreamweaver or Visual Studio as my HTML editor, Illustrator for customer experience maps, and Photoshop to create and edit images.

What do you use to create responsive web sites?

I am a huge fan of Bootstrap! Just like it says on their site, Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. It's made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes. Check out Bootstrap here.

What are the benefits of including UX design?

Spending money on UX now saves money later. It's far less expensive to prevent a problem or usability issue from occurring in the first place than to fix it later with a redesign. Interviewing customers at the beginning of a project will help create the right product from the start. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Have you done any freelance web design?

Yes, I have. Over the years I've designed and developed websites for local rock bands, charitable organizations, small retailers, animal rescue, and more. Unfortunately, I have less free time now, so I limit my freelance work mostly to family and friends.